Staff Profile
Usdiati Endah Purwati - Principal
Usdiati Endah Purwati - Principal

Endah has been married for 30 years with three children. After completing her Psychology degree from University of Indonesia, apart from being a housewife, she has spent most of her time actively involved in various social and environmental organizations. One of her projects, focusing on environmentally sustainable development, resulted in her being honored with an Indonesia Eco-Heroes Award from Jakarta Globe Magazine in 2010.

She is proud to be an Indonesian and believes that education is an effective tool to create a better generation. She loves to work with and be around children as she enjoys watching their spontaneous and ‘pure’ responses. Her career in Montessori Education started in 2002 when she served as Principal as well as founder of Cahaya Montessori School. Later in 2007, she founded Green Montessori School (GMS) and has served GMS as Principal ever since. She has her Montessori credentials covering students age 2.5 up to 12 years. During her spare time, she is busy following her passion to develop the Village Learning Center in Bogor as a place for children to learn Sundanese culture and angklung music.

Nourma Junita Bachtiar (Nita) - Vice Principal
Nourma Junita Bachtiar - Vice Principal

The two things Nita loves most are working with children and learning about nature. She is very interested to join GMS, which she considered to be a meeting point of all of her passions. She has also earned her Montessori credentials for early childhood years. Today, she is a Vice Principal who is very passionate about her work. In her leisure time, she enjoys travelling and spending quality time with her family.

Desra Sadia (Echa) - Music Teacher
Desra Sadia - Music Teacher

Since Echa was young, she knew that music and children are two things that always bring cheer to her day. After completing her degree in music (majoring in violin) from Jakarta State University, she has passionately taught music in various elementary schools all over Jakarta. While she was initially involved with GMS in early 2010 only to help the students’ final year performance, she soon fell in love with her new job. Desra believes that, unlike other schools, GMS offers sufficient space for she and her students to express their freedom and creativity through music. She hopes that all her students will play music not only for entertainment, but also use it as a medium to express their emotions and feelings. In her leisure time, she enjoys socializing with her friends and staying up-to-date with recent news.

Istiqoma Ridhati (Nida) - Elementary Teacher
Istiqoma Ridhati - Elementary Teacher

Working with children is Nida’s source of inspiration. The energy students showed for exploration, which she observed during a GMS trip to the Geology Museum in Bandung, was one of her most inspiring moments. She continues to learn from her students that life is more exciting when one never stops learning and improving oneself. Her professional career as a teacher started back in 1997. After earning the Montessori credential for ages 2.5 - 6 years old, she served as pre-school teacher in a well-known Montessori school. A few years later, she furthered her studies by taking the Montessori credential for elementary grades. In 2009, she joined GMS, and she is proud that it is the only Montessori school integrated with a strong environmental curriculum. Her personal goal is to produce happy alumni who are independent, responsible, respectful, humble, environmentally responsible, and have a lifelong passion for learning.

Perawati (Pera) - Dancing Teacher
Perawati - Dancing Teacher

Pera is very lucky for two reasons. First, she is the mother of a one-year old, and second, she is able to have her hobby, dancing, as her profession. For her, dancing is a way to bring tranquility and balance to her soul. Apart from being a nationally awarded dancer, she also loves to pass on her passion to younger generations. Her definition of happiness is to see her students able to express their soul and discover new excitement through dancing. She has taught dance to Kindergarten students since 1995, before joining GMS in 2010 as a dance teacher. She said the happy faces from students, parents, and teachers are something that always brings joy to her life at GMS.

Friska Noviana (Friska) - Islamic Teacher
Friska Noviana - Islamic Teacher

Friska feels that the helping atmosphere at GMS and its enthusiastic students offers a fertile ground to develop her passion of teaching children. For her, being a religion teacher for young children whose character is ready to be shaped is challenging yet exciting. Her background is Islamic Religious Education and English Literature from the faculty of education & teacher’s training of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. Despite her busy schedule, she has been an active trainer for speech, debate, and English language since she was 17 years old. Her skills have been awarded with a 1st place in various English debate competitions such as one held by the State Islamic University in Jakarta in 2008. In her leisure time, she enjoys having quality time with her family and friends as well as blogging to share updates with her readers.

Nurmasari (Nurma) - Indonesian Language Teacher
Nurmasari - Elementary Teacher

The best part of Nurma’s job is to see the faces of her students waiting for her to enter the room and share something with them. She loves children not only because of their pure and honest expression, but also their fresh perspectives that even adults hardly consider, and it is something that she looks forward to every day. Her teaching career started during her very first semester in Yogyakarta State University. For years, she was an English teacher for kindergarten and elementary schools as well as LP3I. Since 2006, she has been the main committee member for various English debate and English language competitions at both the university and elementary levels. She joined GMS in 2010 due to its unique program. In GMS, unlike other schools, she hardly sees any students being forced to do something; instead they work and study because they like it. In her leisure time, she enjoys playing with her little niece and nephews.

Dara Udyamila Armiputri (Dara) - Mandarin Language Teacher
Dara Udyamila Armiputri - Mandarin Language Teacher

During her very first week in GMS, Dara immediately fell in love with the job. Being able to carry out her passion for educating children while at the same time having caring colleagues is like a dream come true. Her teaching career started during her second year of Chinese Literature studies at the University of Indonesia. For years, she was a Mandarin teacher for elementary students before deciding to join GMS family in 2011. In her spare time, she enjoys reading inspirational stories and traveling, which she believes can broaden her way of thinking. She dreams that one day she can go to all parts of China to practice various Mandarin dialects so she can be a better teacher for her students.

Texasi Bryanita (Xasi) - Learning Center Support
Texasi Bryanita - Learning Center Support

Xasi enjoys working with children, despite her totally different background with two bachelors and one master’s degree in the field of Social Sciences from University of Indonesia. Her teaching career began in 1999, when she decided to leave her post in a government institution to become an English teacher for kindergarten and a substitute teacher at one of the international schools in Jakarta. For her, watching children learn and grow is a true joy.

Being a mother of two young children made her start to wonder what the best educational foundation for her loved ones really was. After sending her first daughter to GMS in 2007 and experiencing how her daughter grew to be independent, with confidence and a strong capacity for critical thinking, she decided in 2011 to join the GMS family. She hopes to contribute to the positive energy at GMS in order to provide other students the experience her own daughter received.