Parents' Testimonials
Bowo Pangorso - Hira's Dad

GMS is a school with a lot of potentials to grow into an excellent school. Its system offers freedom to its students to express their opinions and be more independent. Its activities also promote its students to be more environmentally friendly, and this distinguishes GMS from other schools.

Having field trip to various locations also enables students to have a real-life and hands-on experience.

Fajar Ali Murahno & Yuni Trianingsih - Rizza's Parents

My son has studied in GMS for years. I have no worries every time I drop my son at the school, because with no doubt, GMS has a better atmosphere and teaching program as compared to other schools. I see how my son transforms into a child who is more open-minded, caring about its surroundings, and having a better skill for time management

Sony and Lusiana Dewi - Ariq's Parents

GMS’s environment supports children to explore and learn things around them with respect to their ages, emotions, and needs. My 5-years old son becomes more discipline, more responsible, and able to write and having deeper understanding in math.