Our Vision, Mission & Values

To cultivate children's potentials in a prepared, safe, eco-friendly, and Islamic-Values-based environment.

  • We provide a prepared, safe, creative, and nurturing environments responsive to individual learning style and allow children to learn at their best pace.
  • We apply Islamic Values as the foundation to foster peace and harmony in life.
  • We contribute to Community Development Projects as a real-life media for students to express their gratitude for Blessings of Allah.
  • We work closely with Parents to support children’s development (Parent-Teacher Meeting, Parent Training).
  • We provide competent teachers and staffs with integrity to support the learning process to the fullest.

  • Integrated International Montessori and National Curriculums
  • Balanced Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual and Ecological Values
  • Community Social Responsibility through daily activities
  • Eco-friendly environment (reduce, reuse, recycle)
  • Fun learning with Islamic Values
  • Concrete learning experience through hands-on apparatus (helps to strengthen abstract thinking)
  • Promoted Creative Expression (through music and arts)
  • Intra and Extra Curricular (music, sport, drama, dance, foreign language, computer, etc)